Who are The Bateleurs?

Fondly referred to as an “Environmental Air Force”, The Bateleurs is a 22-year Non-profit Company that provides a free-of-charge aerial service to beneficiary (requesting) organisations, providing them with an aerial perspective and information which assists them to make sound environmental decisions. With an unblemished record of having provided hundreds of missions in meaningful and useful aerial support to SA conservation and the environment, they consist of 240 volunteer pilots that are extremely passionate about flying and wildlife and environmental conservation.

What sort of missions do The Bateleurs carry out?

No mission is too big or too small for this team of brave and selfless pilots. The Bateleurs will fly to:

  • Conserve and protect the earth’s diverse ecosystems;
  • Expose and reverse the unsustainable use and destructive human exploitation of the earth’s biotic resources;
  • Assist those who design and advocate natural resource policies that protect or restore life-sustaining ecosystems, and empower others in their efforts to maintain a healthy and productive environment;
  • Support biodiversity research and management in the area of wildlife conservation, including game counts, habitat surveys and the translocation of animals and birds.

For more info on these heart-warming missions, follow The Bateleurs on Facebook.

Why did Uzwelo choose to partner with The Bateleurs?

The preservation of the environment and conservation in Southern Africa is something that resonates with our values as a brand. The Bateleurs offer their service to qualifying organisations at no cost to them. Their unwavering commitment to recovery of an endangered species and surveying our natural environment doesn’t come cheaply. This is where the private and corporate sector step in. This support is vital to ensure that this pioneering organisation can continue their ongoing operations.

How does Uzwelo provide support to The Bateleurs?

Uzwelo donates a percentage of each sale of one of our products to help ensure that these pilots can continue doing the amazing work that they do.

How much has Uzwelo donated to The Bateleurs?

To date, we have handed over in excess of R300 000 over the past 4 years and through your continued support, we can make such an amazing difference to our environment.

How can I get involved?

Each of our loyal customers is indirectly supporting these conservation efforts when purchasing any of our Uzwelo products. To find out how you can support this amazing organisation directly, simply email your enquiry to: info@bateleurs.org

Every bit helps and just think of the change your support can help bring to conservation within Southern Africa. A small donation of R100 can equate to 1 hour of aerial support.